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Pruning Service

If you have a garden full of gorgeous flowers and blooming plants, chances are you would do whatever
it takes to keep them healthy and beautiful. While cutting back your blooms might seem a bit harsh,
seasonal pruning is beneficial to many plants and flowers for a number of reasons.

According to Texas A&M University, gardeners use pruning to train their plants,
maintain the health of their bounty and improve the quality of spring flowers, fruit, shrubs and leaves.

While you might think that plants survive just fine in the wild without such methods,
natural pruning does actually take place. Whether it’s an animal breaking off a branch,
dead leaves and twigs blowing off in a storm or competition for a light source that results
in part of a plant dying, most greenery experiences pruning in one form or another.

The University of Minnesota also points out that pruning can extend the blooming time of your flowers,
regenerate your plants and encourage hardy new growth. You’ll be able to control the flower size and
the number of flowers on your shrubs, trees and landscaping designs, as well as the size of your houseplants.
Pruning is also an effective way to keep plants from invading the space of others, and it can even help
control pests and diseases.

So, when’s a good time to start pruning your plants? Best Dressed Lawns recommends pruning most flowers
in the early spring when new growth and blooms haven’t appeared yet. Some shrubs, like rosebushes,
should be pruned right after the flowering season has ended.

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Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing

Let’s face it: Lawn Mowing can be a real pain! Some people enjoy lawn maintenance, and others avoid it.

Yard Work
Yard Work

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. We will maintain a your outdoor.

Flowers – Bed Borders – Cleaning
Flowers – Bed Borders – Cleaning

Bed Definition: Your flowers and plant bends need to be properly maintained. Keeping beds properly maintained can be an.


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